Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Is there a difference between MadVR Pulldown vs Kodi (Isengard build) "Sync Playback To Display" Pulldown?

"Sync playback to display" seem to make the movie super smooth, no matter if it's 24Hz or 60, with it turned off or MadVR at 24Hz i would get random stutters here and then which i've been unable to fix.

One thing i noticed with it on is that the movie framerate is jumping back and forth between 23.5Hz and 24.5, on MadVR it always stays on 23.976 or 24.000.

It wouldn't be possible to enable it with DSPlayer? (Haven't tried, but doubt it as it'd interfere with MadVR).

I believe Stereoscopic player uses some similar method as it's supersmooth by default.

The only reason i stopped with MadVR was because of this, i'm not sure if it's my display who can't do stable 24Hz.

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