Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-05-14, 00:14)djoole Wrote: OK I've spoken too fast.

I still have the problem of black screen after a video has stopped by itself.
Kodi is still responding (you know it thanks to the gui sounds when you use keyboard navigation).
In order to get the gui back, you have to CTRL-ALT-DEL then ALT TAB to Kodi.

If you try and launch a video, go a few seconds before the end, and let it finish, the bug is not occuring.
But i think it might be systematic if you let the video run for a long time like all the duration of it, and let it end by itself (occured 2 times to me, the only 2 times i followed this scenario actually)

Here are the Kodi debug logs (video ended at 23:51:29) : http://pastebin.com/RC1ikruB
I see nothing special compared to logs of a video end without the black screen issue..

you have to know that from the very first release of dsplayer + madVR i never had all these problem with start and stop... so solve all of them without an error i had to debug in my head to find out what it could be wrong during playstart and stop

i pushed a new commit with a fix, and your debug log confirms the problem that i just fixed Smile


that's the problem

23:51:29 T:2952 DEBUG: CDSGraph::HandleGraphEvent EC_COMPLETE

DSPlayer perform a stop with another thread on movie complete

i made some other important changes that i have to test yet... i will post another test build tomorrow

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