Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
First of all, thanks for this!!! I've wanted native madvr in Kodi/XBMC for what seems like forever.

It's working with the isengard build, but there's frequent stuttering when using this build with either Kodi/Madvr/reclock or Kodi/external player.

However, if I just launch the file directly (1080p/lossless audio mkv) with mpc-be/madvr/reclock, or use Helix stable with external player, playback is butter smooth. Quality settings are maxxed (as I understand them).

CPU/mem are low, but per GPU-z, GPU load is about double with this build. It's like Madvr is running twice somehow (once for UI, once for movie).

I'm using AMD R9 270 with a recent i5 CPU. Not sure if the AMD is causing the issue somehow.

Also, just fyi for those who might run into this, I had a black screen that required task manager to exit, when I enabled "windowed overlay" in the madvr rendering settings.

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