Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-05-15, 17:02)oldpoem Wrote: I think it's the same problem as djoole. I can hear the sound of gui & kodi accept any command through keyboard & remote. The latest build has a little bit different behaviour though, now it most of the time it won't be backscreen part of gui showed up usually some topbar / status bar of skin and when press power button the shutdown menu sometimes popupped but the rest of screen stay black. Seem like not all GUI was restored. I'd try to created debug log next time it happened.

Also I'm not using any other inputs just wireless keyboard & mce remote. Most of the time keyboard stay off and only remote is used.

if you have the gui partially showed means that you had a problem with textures, so your the debug log could be useful to see if there is some error while restoring textures and which threads are working on stop
this not exclude the fact that maybe sometime you have also another problem more similar to djoole

(2015-05-15, 23:15)djoole Wrote: I've just found out that there was an option "pause during refresh rate" that was activated in the CEC peripheral options in Kodi.

So now we know who was pausing Smile

I'll try some videos to see if the black screen problem was coming from that but I have good hope Smile

i was thinking that maybe pulse eight was the problem even if you don't use how remote, but it does not make sense to me... it's just a try
anyway in your case, now that we have solve all problems related to the texutres, seems that it's a problem with focus because when you go in taskmanager and then back to kodi you have the gui properly rendered without any glitches, i'm right? I can reproduce this issue removing a part of the code on stop


this part serves to make madvr's window not visible and to remove from kodi... then you should have the focus on kodi.

so maybe it could be useful to call this just before/after during the stop, but again it does not make sense to me :\

(2015-05-16, 06:55)Warner306 Wrote: Just stopped in to say the new madVR is giving me a green screen on some titles. This might have to do with me using the new Direct3D 11 presentation path with fullscreen exclusive mode to take advantage of 10 bit output. My old 2007 Panasonic plasma is a 12 bit display, so I've attempted playback with D3D11 + FSE, as this is required for 10 bit output. Changing the bit depth to 8 bits doesn't seem to fix the problem.

i also have some kind of problem with latest madVR and switching refresh+fse+dx11, just for now if you want test these features you could try to enable to change refresh with both kodi and madVR
to see if solves the issue, i will wait that madshi updates the api to manage the new options without the tryicon, this it's the signal that madVR has reached more stability with these new features

(2015-05-16, 11:58)ashlar Wrote: aracnoz, considering I had the stopping problem with black screen, what would be the recommended version to download in order to give it another try?

you have to upgrade kodi to isengard dsplayer and then replace the exe with latest test build posted, for any kind of problem even if you think that are similar to other cases you should post your debug log

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