Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Hi again!

I read advice...
"I believed this behaviour is an approach to fix problem with windows focus which is partial cause of blackscreen problem. We probably have to get use to it or just auto-hide taskbar. "
"I solved all focus problems by making windows to boot directly to kodi as a shell... URL..."
And the best: Wink
"This behavior is normal if using madVR in fullscreen exclusive mode because Kodi is minimized to make room for madVR. The Taskbar will flash as madVR is closed and Kodi is reopened.
Try adding a pause between refresh change to mask the Taskbar."

I wrote that "I tried test build 2 - It worked fine without this little problem."
- no black screen bug, without having to install Kodi as shell, pause = 2.1sec...
With build (20150519-08e0b5e) I reproduce a sequence of clips (play folder with *.mov from camera Nikon P330) - after closure clip I see Windows taskbar, Kodi inerface and after play next clip. With test build 2 - end clip, pair seconds black screen, and after play next clip! Without "kodi as a shell"...

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