Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-05-22, 15:29)tiben20 Wrote:
(2015-05-22, 04:43)tiben20 Wrote: I don't think we will get ever a perfect stable way to render with madvr. This renderer is so unpredictable and messy. Everytime single time we fix something a new bug come out
I was speaking from a programming standpoint.

I love where dsplayer is right now and i hope the community will use it as much as possible.

For the gui lag im not sure if the problem can be fixed on kodi side.
I surely didn't want to raise a fuss with you, who's contributed so much to this version of XBMC/Kodi. I was only genuinely surprised that so much effort was devoted to an unstable version of madVR. This is always a fast moving target but this, specifically, it's a very fast one. Smile
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