Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-05-24, 16:05)Bomeranger Wrote: Hi!
1. I install test build 7 - only copy files from *.rar without change settings, and play folder with *.mov clips (like last time).
After first clip black screen, and 1-2 seconds i see Kodi interface (without Win task bar), after Kodi play next (second) clip. After second clip i see black screen (1-2 sec) and play next.
it was for 4 (?) clips. And i see 0,1 sec Kodi interface, after only a black screen between clips.
Log: http://pastebin.com/GUhRYXTq

it's the normal behavior for "play next video automatically", DSPlayer closes the medias as usual, turns back to the main menu and then opens the next file.

(2015-05-24, 16:05)Bomeranger Wrote: 2. "Force madVR to exit from fullscreen before stop", and... no play files:Sad
log: http://pastebin.com/gqzR3GLV
and appeared xbmc_crashlog-15.0-BETA2 Git_20150523-1a56f8a-20150524-165449.dmp -

here the problem it's with stream details, you are trying to play file that are not scanned by some scrapers, like movies or tv series... so there are not info tag and dsplayer try to catch these by CDVDDemuxFFmpeg but this it's another thing, from what i can see in your log dsplayer always fails when it try to read this your file "D:\TV_rec_2\Португалия 23.07-02.08.2014\DSCN0015.MOV" so maybe something wrong with this particular file
anyway i missed completily your attempts with your nikon files Smile, my concerns was about the taskbar shown on Kodi with or without the new option

i think that with this release should not happen anymore

(2015-05-24, 11:00)wints Wrote: Hi I was seeing the taskbar too, but with this new option on or off the taskbar is no longer visible
Just going to test the black screen issue as I was getting that too, do I need any specific settings enabled in Kodi - system - video - playback to test image below are my current settings. Cheers


from what i can see you are using the option "Change refresh before playstart"... without this options have you had any kind of problem?
then for the pause on refresh it's useless with madVR i disabled because was only cause of problems


let me know if you have also solved the problem on stop and blackscreen (with or without the new option "Force madVR to exit from fullscreen before stop")... anyway as i already said the blackscreen on stop that i'm trying to solve it's only a problem of focus, if you experienced this issue should hear the sound from the gui and kodi should remain responsive to the command otherwise the problem it's different


i use reclock and never had a problem... with reclock madVR says 1 frame drop every and then a value between 1 day and 1 week, without reclock it says 1 frame drop between 20 minutes or 40 minutes

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