Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-05-25, 00:16)MKANET Wrote: I thought I would try completely clean, from scratch using the latest Isengard/Dsplayer. Things were looking good until I enabled Fullscreen Exclusive mode.

After I enable Fullscreen Exclusive (even with "Force MADVR to exit from fullscreen before STOP), Kodi locks up hard IMMEDIATELY after pressing stop. It doesn't even get a chance to switch out of fullscreen, since it locks up hard instantly after pressing stop.

Honestly, it doesn't seem like anything has really improved, if anything, its a bit worse; as it happens almost every time. It looks like FSE is what actually makes DSPlayer unusable for me.

If I remember right, aracnoz suggested that these weird instability/black screen issues wont likely get fixed until DSPlayer is completely re-written to work more intimately with MadVR.

Luckily it's pretty easy for me to revert back to MPC-HC with MadVR; with just switching to my old playercorefactory.xml; which everything works correctly, including resume, window mode toggle, Kodi navigation hotkeys, etc.

Oh well, looks like it's not going to matter if I get ffdshow audio processor work with DSplayer.

(2015-05-24, 23:56)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-05-24, 23:40)MKANET Wrote: Thanks. It was actually easy for me to cleanly install Kodi Isengard DSPlayer (with DSPlayer update #7).

Could someone please help me to add ffdshow audio processor for mp3 media file playback? I added this as a "Extra" filter for mp3 filetrypes; keeping all other dsplayer settings at their defaults... however, the filter is completely ignored when starting playback of mp3 files in Kodi. I don't have any issues adding this filter to MPC-HC or other directshow applications.

So, what's the trick to get it working here?


oldpoem is the expert on FFDShow.

So you don't have any issues with lock-ups on stop? I think aracnoz is still working on this issue.

Why don't you use Windowed mode? Unless you are outputting in 10 bits, picture quality and performance will be identical.

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