Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-05-28, 23:37)aracnoz Wrote: @djoole
just sent a message to madshi for gpu burning, from my side i made my best, i think that could be some new in the next month
so for the focus/black screen problem you tested during these days with full success?

How come the GPU burning disappeared in build 6 and 6+ and reappears in build 7 & 8?

You changed something, i hadn't any problem anymore with your previous mod...

For the black/focus screen problem, so far so good with build 8 (like with build 6 and 6+, but with the task bar glimpse bug solved)

(2015-05-29, 12:27)aracnoz Wrote: I had not yet posted the latest version

let me know if works with your skins the preview/background playback with madVR
Where has build 9 been? :-D
I'll test playback from GUI main menu with MQ5 Isengard mod, even if I don't use this feature at all.

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