Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-06-01, 19:08)ashlar Wrote: We just need to overwrite the previous installation with the zip's content, right? Is Kodi.pdb needed?

yes you have to just overwrite the file, the Kodi.pdb it's needed in case of problems see at first page in "how to help" for more details

djoole Wrote:When I press back i get a black screen instead of seeing the nav screen.
I'm using MQ5 Scott Isengard mod.

just tested and works on my system with windows 8.1 maybe someone else can try

djoole Wrote:I can't reproduce the issue right now (build10).
[email protected] during playback, @55 during pause.

I don't know how i got the issue with build 7/8/9, but it seems it's not systematic.

i compared the build6 with the latest build for the pause, the result it's the same like the quickfix that it's basically the same

just to be clear, why this don't not happens with mpc?
because mpc don't need to render anything during the pause, instead with kodi we need to show the gui over the madVR paused frame, to do that for each video refresh i have to ask madvr to redraw the paused frame to clear the background otherwise we would see the mouse printed with every movement

what happens when kodi ask to madvr to redraw the frame? i really don't know i think that it's something related to how madvr store several frame before the presentation because for each time that i ask madvr to redraw a single frame madVR redraws 8 frames or something like that so instead to run at 23/24/25fps everything run at 23/24/25fps *8 or more fps if the gpu can reach this result Smile

the quick fix it's very simple, i put a Sleep(25) in madvr thread so he can not render too many frame at same time and in this way the gpu load it's partially saved but the gui it's not smooth as he should, so it could run at 10fps or 30fps, it could be influenced by madvr settings or by the gpu power

the final solution can came out only by madVR side, probably madshi will change the pause behavior to continue to redraw the same frame by itself

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