Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-06-02, 07:35)djoole Wrote: Thanks for the clear explanation aracnoz.
Is Madshi aware of this "issue", and is he planning to correct it?
yes of course he know about this and planned to fix the issue but i don't know about his priority

(2015-06-03, 00:54)vestergaard Wrote: I've just discovered Kodi DSPlayer, don't know how I missed it, but in any case it's totally awesome! Smile

I see that some madVR settings can be configured via the Kodi GUI. My setup has my HTPC with Kodi connected to a HDMI switch which connects to both a TV and a projector. I'd like to use a different 3D LUT table in madVR for these two output devices. Unfortunately in madVR settings, the HDMI switch is shown as a single output device, and the TV/projector is "hidden" behind it.

Is there any way of switching 3D LUT files in madVR via the Kodi GUI?

no sorry

(2015-06-03, 17:21)ExplodingCore Wrote: Any update on that ftp file path issue..?

i just tried with graphstudio, lavfilters works with an http server but not with a ftp server like ioftpd so i think that will never work with dsplayer

(2015-06-03, 17:26)*Roma* Wrote: Has anyone tried DSPlayer version with LiveTV Support?
Please post feedbacks about LiveTV functionality.

guys more than once someone asked me about dsplayer + livetv support, now there is a guy that probably has made some important improvements for that, so if someone it's interested this is the only opportunity you have

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