Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-06-04, 20:46)*Roma* Wrote:
(2015-06-04, 19:43)deh2k7 Wrote:
(2015-06-03, 17:26)*Roma* Wrote: Has anyone tried DSPlayer version with LiveTV Support?
Please post feedbacks about LiveTV functionality.

I stopped using DS Player after Frodo, but given the recent improvements both with MadVR and Live TV capabilities, I'm super excited to try it out again! I'll be working on it this weekend. I'll post with my results, especially on PVR/LiveTV. Anyone try with NextPVR yet?

NextPVR use HTTP for streaming, MediaPortal TsReader Filter does not support HTTP, so you can't use it.
You can use LAV Filter source splitter,but i think it will not work with timeshift.

This DSPlayer test version supports PVR TV-backends with RTSP streaming protocol.

Damn, that's a pity. Still, thanks for your hard work, and perhaps someday we'll see support for HTTP streams.

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