Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I think the problem I had with DSPlayer may be related. The symptom I have is DSPlayer freezes/locks up hard after media playback when in full screen exclusive mode. I too use Yatse on a second screen. If I didn't have this issue, DSPlayer would be able to replace external MPC-HC MadVR playback for Kodi.

(2015-06-23, 12:16)GlennNZ Wrote:
(2015-06-23, 07:26)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-06-22, 01:35)Warner306 Wrote: If you are not outputting in 10-bits, I would disable Fullscreen exclusive mode. You won't gain anything if Windowed mode is already stable.

(2015-06-22, 09:58)GlennNZ Wrote: Thanks.

Will post log:

Log as below - attempts to play file:

Does not change to fullscreen exclusive immediately
Bring up MadVR stats - forces changes to FSE mode

Manually Stop playback.

Manually Start playback again - same file.
Again does not enter fse immediately
Pause playback after a minute or so of playback in Windowed only mode.
After pause - forces/starts FSE mode (as should from beginning)

Interestingly enough after stopping - kodi freezes (rare error)



Did you try the setting Change refresh rate before play start under Video -> Playback?

Thanks - yes as mentioned above did try that.
Have now updated madVR to 88.13
Have tried all manner of settings - from change refresh rate off, always, on start/stop, and also changed MadVR refresh rate settings changes.
Other than not changing refresh rates - always the same

Changes refresh rate - starts in window exclusive mode
Does not change to full screen exclusive (as log shows) until I do something like seek, or show MadVR stats - then changes and playback is correct.

I wonder whether this because of two screen setup (have htpc with 2nd info display screen)?

Would seem that is very close - likely some check in full screen exclusive change that is not quite registering?


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