Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-06-24, 05:11)Warner306 Wrote: The filters it uses (LAV) are not compatible with most streaming sources. There is partial support with rtsp|http streams. You can follow the steps to make this work at the end of this section: 1966595 (post).

I already have the media rules for streaming and nothing works well...
That's so bad and it seems it will be problematic for a long time...
That's strange because lavfilters is based on ffmpeg...
I suppose there is any other alternative with dsplayer?

Did someone tried to implement mpv (libmpv) with kodi or saw an implementation with kodi somewhere?
Streaming works well with it, it has advanced upscalers like madvr, is multiplatform and works perfectly with vapoursynth.

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