Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-06-26, 11:37)lanzorg Wrote: This is what I get inside my playercorefactory.xml file:

    <!-- <rules action="prepend">
        <rule protocols="daap|rtv|rtsp|rtmp|http|https|rtmpe|rtsp|mms|rtp|pv" player="DVDPlayer" />
    </rules> -->

And my mediasconfig.xml file:

        <rule protocols="rtsp|daap|rtv|rtmp|http|https|rtmpe|mms|rtp">
            <splitter filter="lavsplitter" />
            <video filter="lavvideodec" />
            <audio filter="lavaudiodec" />
            <subs filter="xysubfilter" />
        <!-- New rule for preferred streaming source filter -->
        <rule url="true" filetypes=".*">
            <source filter="lavsource" />
        <rule filetypes="mkv|avi|divx|ogm|mp4|mov|m4v|flv|m2v|mpeg|mpg|mts|m2ts|ts|bdmv">
            <source filter="lavsource" />
            <splitter filter="lavsplitter" />
            <video filter="lavvideo" />
            <audio filter="lavaudio" />
            <subs filter="xysubfilter" />
        <rule filetypes="wmv">
            <source filter="wmasfreader" />
            <splitter filter="wmasfreader" />
            <video filter="wmvideodecoder" />
            <audio filter="wmaudiodecoder" />
            <subs filter="xysubfilter" />
        <!-- You need Real Alternative in order to read real media files -->
        <rule filetypes="rmvb">
            <source filter="realsource" />
            <splitter filter="realsplitter" />
            <video filter="realvideodec" />
            <audio filter="realaudiodec" />
            <subs filter="xysubfilter" />

Are they correct?

I've got some improvements, thanks Ed76.

The twitchtv video addon works perfectly with dsplayer.

The ted talks addons works too but there is no longer any subtitle.
Do the subtitles work on your system?

The vimeo video addon doesn't work with dsplayer.
Does it work on your system?

The lives from the youtube addon don't work at all with dsplayer.
Does it work on your system?

i dont use this addons.
in your playercorefactory you define the protocols used with dvd player (= kodis internal player). thats why you have to delete there the protocols that are included in mediasconfig (=dsplayer).

start kodi and play a internet stream that will not work with dsplayer. go to folder "roaming" and open kodi.log file. you will see below the url kodi tries to open. whats the protocol? is it a protocol defined in mediasconfig? if not you have to include it and try again. lav support a wide range of protocols.

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