Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-06-28, 20:41)jpsdr Wrote: Ok, i've made some tests, and i'm still unable to get the correct audio expected behavior (audio receiver connected to PC by HDMI).
(a) : Supported format by audio receiver send passthroguh by HDMI to be decoded by receiver.
(b) : Unsupported format decoded by PC and send by HMDI to receiver in PCM, with number of channels fitting the number of channel of the file, not the speaker configuration.

I was said to use reclock for that, because when tested without, unable to get (b) working properly.
So, i've used reclock in 'wasapi excluside', because in dvdplayer, it's with 'wasapi' that (a) & (b) work properly.
But, in that case, at least half of my test files generate an 'unsupported audio' error message. I was told to use 'wave out', so, i've tested. The error message indeed disaperead, but the (b) feature is not working. The number of PCM channels are those of the speakers, not the number of channels of the file.

So, my question is : How do i have to configure the dsplayer to have audio behave properly ? Is it even possible ? Because for now, i've the feeling it's not...

Does the behaviour you are looking for work under mpc-hc?

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