Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Ok, i've been able to make more test, all my test files passed ok, except... vfr files.
dvdplayer has an internal algorithm to detect frame rate of video file "on the fly", allowing it to adjust/change the display if the 1rst selected frame rate finaly wasn't the good one (it can happen).
I've personnaly improved this algorithm for the case of vfr (and my pr was allowed in the main branch), locking the player on the highest frame rate detected, which is the better way to properly play this kind of file.
I think this feature is specific to dvdplayer. The test files i've played with dsplayer (video madvr and audio reclock) haven't been able to be displayed properly. I've seen that on reclock you can select an fps when it's unknow, but it's not good enough.
In my test files i've one file with exotic structure : Op/Ed are at 30fps, episode at 24pfs. dvdplayer lock on 30fps and display properly, unable to display properly with dsplayer. The other one is a true vfr file, but based on 29.97fps. dvdplayer lock on 29.97fps, and display properly, unable to display properly with dsplayer.

I know it's exoctic cases (and vfr files are pain in the ass !), and the feature is i think too much internal in dvdplayer and can't probably not be implemented in dsplayer, but unfortunately it's a feature i personnaly need.

Thanks anyway for everyone help, and good luck for the future.

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