Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-06-30, 09:05)spencerjford Wrote:
(2015-06-30, 00:47)neeto33 Wrote:
(2015-06-29, 16:35)spencerjford Wrote: you need the other build of DSPlayer. it's a few pages back. The one from this thread doesn't do pvr as it is.

So you mean this post?
2015166 (post)

Seems it's only on the 15.x release?
Also will it work with any PVR back end? I'm running "dvr" as my Live TV backend.

i believe it does. but i don''t have any pvr or anything to test with.

Ok I'm obviously missing something.
The post linked to above is using a RTSP protocol & only seems to work with MediaPortal & ArgusTV,
I can find no guide that says how to setup the various xml files to use DSPlayer with "pvr".
All of the guides to seem to say set DVDPlayer as the player for "pvr"
This is obviously not what I need for pvr with DSPlayer.
I'll do some more testing to see what I can get working

Edit: Found some posts that help clarify what's going on for "pvr"
1666686 (post)

It seems there are a number of different protocols used in communicate with PVR backends.
I'm using "dvr" on my linux box with VNSI plug in on the windows side to communicate.
It seems this combination is not (yet?) supported.
Is there a list anywhere of the backend PVRs which are/are not supported with DSPLayer?
It seems that DSPlayer has not fully implemented what is in DVDPlayer for building graphs for all file/protocl/encoding combinations - is this correct?
From the debug logs, DVDPlayer seems to use some "internal" (hardcoded?) decoders instead of DirectShow filters - is this correct?.

Getting Live TV working with madVR in a single player will greatly help my TV viewing experience at 4K (the internal TV upscaler is quite bad) - some of the latest image sharpening processing added to madVR are making significant difference to image quality.
I'm prepared to live with "lags" etc, just give me the picture quality - I'm so close.....

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