Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-07-04, 08:08)Bjur Wrote: I have an annoying problem I can't get rid of.
I have xysubfilter and when I download a subtitle when the movie is playing I have to restart video to get subtitle loading. I have completely reinstalled Kodi 15 rc1 from scratch. Help please

that's to to lavsplitter not knowing it is there. when you restart the movie it sees the new subtitle file so it can load it.

So the fix is stopping the movie and restarting it since now lavsplitter can now see the file.

A work around that can be done on this side is have the filters reloaded after reconizing a call to download subs was made, but it's essentially going to be the same thing as stopping the movie and restarting.

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