Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-07-06, 05:50)Warner306 Wrote: The Starter Kit in the set-up guide was updated to support MediaPortal and Argus TV PVR backends. You will need to overwrite the previous mediasonfig.xml and filtersconfig.xml with the new files and follow the instructions below (also in the set-up guide):

MediaPortal and Argus TV – Live TV Users

Built-in support is provided for live TV streams using the rtsp protocol. This service has been tested with MediaPortal and Argus TV PVR backends. To complete live TV installation, the user must install a custom version of the TsReader filter designed for DSPlayer.

MediaPortal TsReader.ax Replacement:

A couple of notes:

1. In order to play Live TV with DSPlayer, users have to remove "rtsp" and "pv" protocols from playercorefactory.xml file that included in the "DSPlayer Starter Kit.zip"

    <rules action="prepend">
        <rule protocols="daap|rtv|rtmp|http|https|rtmpe|mms|rtp" player="DVDPlayer" />

2. MediaPortal users have to change "Streaming method" to "ffmpeg" in MediaPortal PVR Addon settings.

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