Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-07-21, 22:12)*Roma* Wrote: @neeto33

I have checked all Kodi PVR Addons on https://github.com/kodi-pvr
As of now, the following PVR Addons do not support external players:
  • Kodi's Windows Media Center client addon
  • Kodi PVR addon VNSI
  • Kodi VBox TV Gateway PVR addon
  • Kodi's PCTV client addon
  • Kodi's Njoy N7 client addon
  • MythTV PVR for Kodi
  • Kodi's IPTV Simple client addon
  • Kodi's Tvheadend HTSP client addon
  • Kodi's Filmon client addon
  • Kodi's DVBLink client addon
  • Demo PVR for Kodi

Those addons can only work with Kodi internal DVDPlayer.

Ok - thanks for testing.
That confirms what I thought & what I saw in the source code for DSPlayer
I suppose pvr does not work because there is no DirectShow source filter that knows how to get the source from "pvr" files/urls.
If you think about it pvr is just another "source" that needs to be "split" and sent to the video & audio decoders.
I'd like to think this is not too hard as there must be source code in the DVDPlayer that does this sourcing already.
Wish I had the time to work on this - hope someone else does.

Thanks for all the great work on getting DSPlayer to the where it is - it's still brilliant.

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