Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows

your mainly problem it's that you are not using XYSubfilter, the internal dsplayer subtitles filter (libsubs.dll) should not work at all with madVR

so after set your config to use xysubfilter, if there is still a problem with downloaded subs pls report a full debug log, the service that you are using to download, the method that you are using to download


Plexbmc, Emby or any other services like that are not fully supported by dsplayer because it's impossibile to me test each external addons or program made for Kodi, there should be a team of people for that Smile, and even with a team usually it's the addon's developer that ensure the support to a program but just the DSPlayer existence it's completly ignored by all of them, so even if i will fix the support now, this could be easly broken by an update made by the addons developers or by the kodi team, so i should constantly check this advanced services addons in each their aspect...

youtube, vevo and other streaming services are working for me

i would thx everyone here to continue to test and use dsplayer version for daily use, we are growing in number that's for sure, my hope it's that one day DSPlayer will have the same consideration of KODI by the external developers and Kodi Team but it's not now the day

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