Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-07-23, 11:45)ashlar Wrote: Hi aracnoz, I see that LAV Audio takes its Audio Delay value from Kodi's settings. What I don't understand is that I see the value (when calling LAV Audio through the DSPlayer filters entry in video menu, while playing a video) changing by itself, with no apparent reason.

It doesn't appear to honor the latency settings one can insert in advancedsettings.xml, for instance:


it appears to be ignored. For some videos I find Audio Delay set in LAV Audio at 104 ms and I am sure to never have written 104ms anywhere. Do you have any idea where these values come from? Is there an explanation or should I try to reproduce and attach logs?

if you change the delay from the VideoOsd with a remote or with the keyboard there is a step progression of 25ms, but changing the value of the slider with the mouse can produce a not so regular value and even resetting the delay to 0 it's stored into the db with float value that could be as 0.07ms or -0.012ms etc etc, so it's probably that with these movie where we have edited manually with the mouse the delay you can have a slight difference with the delay set into latency

(2015-07-23, 11:45)ashlar Wrote: Also, now that we need to have the refresh rates detailed in madVR Display Modes section, I thought about switching refresh rate just with madVR, but then I thought that Kodi might not "know" the refresh rate and fail to apply the <latency> corrections... alas, it seems to ignore them anyway but I'm still curious about that, should we be using just madVR for refresh rate change or is it better to use Kodi and madVR together?

i prefer to change the refresh only by kodi that works as before, now it's also possibile to change refresh only by madVR, everyone can make the preferred choice

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