Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-07-23, 21:09)ashlar Wrote: Yes, but I am asking a different thing. If you look at the latency instruction set in advancedsettings.xml, you can see that it's possible to pre-program different delays for different refresh rates. But I don't see LAV Audio complying to these latency settings.

i've 150ms for all videos and 250ms only for 23,976hz/24hz

this is what it's configured in my advancedsettings.xml


and this it's a part of my debug log
21:54:54 T:4524   DEBUG: CmadVRAllocatorPresenter::SwapDevice Swapped device from Kodi to madVR
21:54:54 T:4832  NOTICE: Display resolution for madVR ADJUST : [email protected] 23.98 #2 - Full Screen (76) (weight: 0.000)
21:54:54 T:4832   DEBUG: CWinSystemWin32::SetFullScreen (windowed fullscreen) on screen 1 with size 1920x1080, refresh 23.976023
21:54:54 T:4832   DEBUG: CRenderManager::UpdateDisplayLatency - Latency set to 250 msec

during debug there are alot of updatedisplaylatency but the latest one just after the refresh change should report the set delay, everything works in my case, obviously the refresh change must be managed by kodi to make it recognize the refresh and then apply the delay

pls report your full debug log, also you can try to change manually the delay with the video osd just to see if there is effect on lavaudio, the delay set in lavaudio tryicon should be the latency set + the delay set manually with the GUI

(2015-07-23, 20:55)Bomeranger Wrote: Hi!
I tested version DSPlayer 15 final, and I am disappointed...

I am trying to play short files *.mov in a folder.

After two or three files starts flickering - switching from a black screen to repeat a few frames. The sound plays normally.
Log http://xbmclogs.com/p9zwemqr3

I tried to make a log when madvr flickering (pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+PAUSE/BREAK when crash/freeze) - but nothing like the log is not found.

you should open madvr stats with ctrl+j while this "repeated frames" occurs and report the "present queue", then you have to try to enable and disable the kodi GUI to see if there is some improvements on the issue

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