Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I am now pretty happy with my setup. madVR, Reclock and XySubFilter are all working correctly and my content looks great.

I have madVR set to offer display modes of 1080p23, 1080p24, 1080p50 and 1080p60 all of which are refreshing correctly with my Samsung 32F5000 TV. I have two madVR profiles: one for most content and one for content with a frame rate greater than 30, e.g. from 720p50 European HDTV broadcasts. It took me a while to work out why I was having so much stuttering with 50fps content, but of course there are more frames to process, so there is less available time for each one. I therefore needed a less resource-intensive profile for these video files.


1) I need to do some more experimentation but cannot currently get 25 to 24 fps working the way I would like with Reclock and madVR. I'd like to get 25fps stuff playing back at 24fps in 1080p24, but keep 50fps playing back in 1080p50. The 25fps to 24fps conversion is working sweetly, when I delete the 1080p50 display mode from madVR and turn smooth motion off. 50fps content is then being pushed into 1080p60, unfortunately. As I'm writing this, I am wondering whether I can get around this with a madVR profile?

2) As my HTPC has a Blu-ray drive, I followed somebody's advice from much earlier on in this thread to get DVDs (and it seems Blu-rays) working with DSPlayer using DVD Navigator. They too work fantastically well from my limited testing. My only issue is with Blu-rays, whereby launching the disc gives you no sort of option to choose which playlist you want to play or any sort of onscreen menu. This is no matter what your menu settings are under Video > Discs. I know Kodi only has limited Blu-ray menu support, but I am getting nothing right now at all with DSPlayer. Any suggestions?

3) I am still having an audio delay issue with a couple of files, but this appears to be limited to all the episodes of the same series and have not yet found any other files with same problem. Essentially the video starts but the audio comes in only a few seconds later. Strangely, if the video is launched part way through the file does not necessarily have a problem. I will post another log or two, as well as MediaInfo specs to see if anyone can advise on the possible issue.

4) One final thing that I cannot get working with this build is Airplay. Is Airplay knowingly broken? I wanted to stream from the official iOS YouTube app, but no luck. Nothing appeared on screen. I did get Spotify going eventually though. Is there some config that I need to do to route it to DVDPlayer perhaps?

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