Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-07-25, 09:22)aracnoz Wrote: @GlennNZ

i need a FULL debug log to figure out what happens in each executed thread

p.s. you should activate the debug mode in advancedsettings.xml in this way http://kodi.wiki/view/Log_file/Advanced#...ttings.xml

Thanks. Was unsure about d3derr hung cause so deleted and reinstalled everything I could.
Updated video driver and reinstalled video driver.
Ran windows update (a bit overdue given htpc - tend to leave off)
Reinstall latest dsplayer build.

On doing so - seems better, no hung errors as yet. . . . Have tested for a couple of hours.
It seems similar non-dsplayer build were having similar errors and the Dx11 branch seemed to solve.

How does this build fit with dsplayer?

Refresh rate
Have switched off in Kodi and selected via rates in MadVR
Turn of FSE on stop enabled
D3d11 selected.
Single d311 path in MadVR (this seemed to help)

Similar to Warner - takes a bit of time - will experiment with options a bit more



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