Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-07-29, 00:50)Warner306 Wrote: @aracnoz

Perhaps you can replace DSPlayer Features: on the first page with the text below:

sorry but i cannot add this fight between DSPlayer against DVDPlayer at first page, i know that yours are good intentions maybe i'm wrong but don't seems to respect the original kodi version
there are also hundred of aspects where dvdplayer it's better than the actual DSPlayer version, sure if you look exclusively at picture quality there are advantages thx to madVR scaler (then should be madvr vs dvdplayer)

but although i tried to reproduce the original Kodi experience in DSPlayer, so everything configurable by the gui and without too many configuration through xml file, it's not the same and probably i will never able to reproduce a bug free version of DSPlayer even if in my system everything works as it should, kodi it's like a mini OS and there are infinite possibility where to use DVDPlayer

so DSPlayer it's a DirectShow player based, and if you don't know nothing about that or madVR it's useless to use it because you probably will only see the flaws and not the merits



some of you asked me about Directx11 version, this could be a real problem for the future of DSPlayer, EVR and VMR are totally based in DX9 as the internal subtitles engine
also the madVR integration actually use the direct3ddevice9 textures from kodi directly printed on the direct3ddevice9 of madVR to show the KodiGUI, madVR rendering it's based only in dx9 the dx11 option in the tray icon it's only for the presentation

so it's a very strange moment for the DSPlayer future life because i have already prepared an alternative version of DSPlayer + madVR that it's based on shared textures (thx to some friends in the web that helped me) with this version actually i can share a texture from the kodi dx9 device to madvr dx9 device... in the future it will be easy to upgrade to share a texture from kodi dx11 device to madvr dx9 device, pratically it's more simple to me upgrade the madvr integration to dx11, where the works it's almost already done that work on EVR, VMR and internal subtitles engine, i really don't like the idea to abandon EVR because DSPlayer it will become a madVR player based Smile

anyway all this it's to tell that i cannot do everything by myself, i have the skills to do that (i have to study the dx11 because i know nothing at moment on that) but not the time necessary to make this work, again and again for each massive change in kodi main branch, so if there is someone out there that want help the DSPlayer project and his future it's welcome, at first page there are the link to my github with shared version of DSPlayer+madVR
i know that there are alot of you developer that are using DSPlayer or at least that can see an tremendous potential i need an help to move DSPlayer to the next step

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