Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-07-31, 00:21)djoole Wrote:
(2015-07-30, 20:54)Warner306 Wrote:
(2015-07-30, 10:59)djoole Wrote: Sorry if this has already been discussed, but i've been away for a while from DSPlaer/madVR updates.
I've decided to upgrade everything. Now madVR is set to use D3D11, and it works great with MPC HC (huge performance increase).
But when i launch videos with DSPlayer, sometimes i have blank screen only with subtitles, sometimes i have the video, but very very dark, with the reds saturated.
No error in Kodi logs.
I've just noticed yesterday night, i still have to install the PDB and make madVR logs.

But my question is : is DSPlayer + madVR compatible with D3D11?

Try turning off hardware acceleration in LAV Video and toggle present a frame for every vsync in madVR.

D3D11 shouldn't make anything faster, but it is working fine for me. It is required for 10-bit output - that is its main advantage.
hardware acceleration is set to None in LAV Video, and present a frame (the option below D3D11) is already toggled.
When I set chroma upscale to Jinc i get nearly black screen with saturated reds.
When I set chroma upscale so Super XBR default, i get a green screen!
Any other idea?

It sounds like a graphics card/driver issue. I get a green screen on one computer when using QuickSync with D3D11. D3D9 will work just as well if you don't need 10 bit output. The only benefit listed by madshi is faster entry and exit from Fullscreen exclusive mode.

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