Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-04, 22:35)TMDaines Wrote: I am having a problem getting DVDs (actual discs) playing in DSPlayer. When I insert and play a Blu-ray disc and launch it in Kodi, DSPlayer does its job. When I do the same with a DVD, it is only playing in DVDPlayer. I can get parts of the DVD to play in DSPlayer by navigating through Videos > Files to the disc drive and opening an ifo file on the disc. Annoyingly, all my ripped disc images, in Video_TS folders, are loaded into and play fine in DSPlayer.

In summary, ripped DVDs and Blu-rays work fine and open in DSPlayer. Blu-ray discs played directly in Kodi work fine and open in DSPlayer too. DVD discs played directly in Kodi are only opening in DVDPlayer.

I am 95% certain that I should be able to get DVDs playing properly in DSPlayer. Right now there is likely a problem with my Kodi settings or mediasconfig, which I have uploaded below:


When I insert a DVD and play it in MPC-HC, DSPlayer works with it fine.

I fixed this by adding a rule to playercorefactory:

<rule name="dvd" dvd="true" player="DSPlayer" />

Unfortunately, only DSPlayer merits can be configured through the Kodi UI, so with this one you need to edit the file manually.

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