Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
hi ashlar. Yes. What I have done is activated debugging in system and places kodi.pdb in the installation folder. I ran the video and downloaded the subtitle and the kodi crashes while downloading the subtitle. When I create/copy xysubfilter files to program files (x86) or just program files I have to choose as administrator to be successfull and afterwards install as administrator. I have really no idea why on each it crashes and why I can't get subtitles downloading. Have tried both XYSubfilter and xyvs.

I have taken the complete log from userdata folder kodi.log file in appdata.

Can be because I'm running 64 bit windows eventhough I have installed 32 bit XYsubfilter? I can't be the only one running 64 bitWink
I am running a shared mySQL but that shouldn't have anything to do with that.

Thanks for taking you time to help.
It's driving me insane and is not very WAF.

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