Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-15, 01:01)aracnoz Wrote: KODI DSPlayer Current Version with "Shared Texture" vs "Shared Surfaces Queue"

you have to see this at 60fps

from the first version until now i worked to make the madVR support in Kodi always less invasive, day by day i removed alot lines of code to make the madVR integration even lighter

now with this latest change i think that it's invisible, Kodi now performs the rendering in the main application thread as usual, there are only three lines of code for madVR to send the Under/Over layer of the GUI

- smoother animations
- less dropped frames by navigating in the menu while madVR playback
- no trace of gui textures corruptions during the animations
- less chances to crash Smile
Wow! Looks great.
I have been seeing all the comitts on GitHub and saw you were hard at work!
Looking forward to Build!

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