Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-18, 22:40)Warner306 Wrote: What are your render queues when madVR stats are enabled? They should report 3-4/8 or 4-5/8. If these queues are not filling, your settings might be too aggressive. Try a range of content you are familiar with to test.

I use 16 as render queue. With kodi DSPlayer 15.0, I get full queues and no frame drops. With 15.1 RC1 the render queue shows 1-3/16, I get massive frame drops, and thing I did not pay attention to before, a lot of "presentation glitches" that do not happen with 15.0 either. This happens with all files regardless of filetype or resolution.

This is not a a problem with Madvr settings, since MPC-HC and Kodi DSPlayer 15.0 work perfectly fine. It must be incompatibility with SVP. I understand perfectly if SVP compatibility is not a priority, worst case I'l just keep using the older build or revert to external player.

edit: While testing I noticed if I exit and re-enter full screen the problem goes away.

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