Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-19, 08:32)oldpoem Wrote:
(2015-08-19, 08:19)Cinder Wrote: It happened at least with two files that I tested, didn't have time to look through more.
I didn't encode the files myself which are bluray remuxes. MediaInfo says that there are actually only two subtitles in the file mentioned above, meaning that Kodi DVDPlayer is correct in displaying only the two. So that raises the question of where the other two subs come from, and of the two that are actually in the file only one works in xysubfilter/xyvsfilter.

Tried opening the file in MPC-HC and its the same there - only two subs present in the file. I will post the info from MediaInfo tonight when I get home.

Try using MKVToolnix to remux the file, carefully / properly select subtitles properties. If it's just 2 files randomly downloaded off the net, I'd say if newly remuxed file doesn't work like it should, don't bother too much on this subject. I haven't encountered this problem in my whole library and my problem with subtitles seem to be different than yours.

It seems like the issue might be pgs subtitles, as these don't work with some other mkv files I've tried as well. Is there some compatibility issue with xyvsfilter/xysubfilter and PGS subtitles?
I tried files with srt and ass subtitles, they all worked fine, but pgs subtitles don't display on the movie. They're found in the menu, but when selected don't work. All subs work in MPC-HC which I assume uses another subs filter.
Any ideas, fellas?

Oh and just one thing I was wondering about - what are the big benefits of using xysubfilter/xyvsfilter compared to the internal filters of Kodi/DSPlayer? Are there big differences at all? Wondering if my tinkering will be worth anything in the end Wink

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