Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-19, 18:16)Cinder Wrote: It seems like the issue might be pgs subtitles, as these don't work with some other mkv files I've tried as well. Is there some compatibility issue with xyvsfilter/xysubfilter and PGS subtitles?
I tried files with srt and ass subtitles, they all worked fine, but pgs subtitles don't display on the movie. They're found in the menu, but when selected don't work. All subs work in MPC-HC which I assume uses another subs filter.
Any ideas, fellas?

Oh and just one thing I was wondering about - what are the big benefits of using xysubfilter/xyvsfilter compared to the internal filters of Kodi/DSPlayer? Are there big differences at all? Wondering if my tinkering will be worth anything in the end Wink

I had problem with PGS /Vobsub which are graphic subtitles with XySubfilter it just won't showed up on some files I have. I resolved it by switch to XyVSFilter and haven't got any problem since.

Old / internal DSplayer subtitle renderer was based on old Media Player Classic subtitle code IIRC. It has been abandoned for a long time but in most case is usable. The benefits of XySubfilter / XyVSFilter seem to be most affect on complex subtitles like ASS which usually founded in those fansub anime. If you don't watch this kind of subtitles you should be fine with internal subtitle of DSPlayer. But I'm not sure if it's working with recent Aracnoz Kodi DSPlayer now since most attention went to make XySubfilter / XyVSFilter works with Kodi/MadVR.

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