Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-21, 13:14)TMDaines Wrote: Thanks for your response, oldpoem.

So just to clarify for me, the DVD navigator that vanilla Kodi uses is different to the one that DSPlayer Kodi uses (and presumably MPC-HC)?

Vanilla Kodi DVD handler is built-in and not based on directshow filter. MPC-HC also use their own built-in DVD handler.

DSPlayer uses directshow filter, so unless you replace dvd navigator with a better one, you got stuck here. I don't use DVD anymore so can't help much on finding solution. But I believe there is 3rd party directshow filter available and might can be used instead of default one. But don't ask me where to find or if it works since I really don't know. I went on Converted MKV way long time ago.

Maybe someone could look into MPC-HC source and got something out of it. whether a directshow filter or built-in DSPlayer ISO/IFO handler.

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