Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-25, 22:18)SALAMINOMACHOS Wrote: I need your help
I'm using Kodi DsPlayer with Madvr
Playing video and opening the Madvr tray , i'm trying to change some settings and then i check apply and OK
With Ctrl+J i see that all the changes are shown
When i stop the video , and i reopen the same video , i see that all the changes have been disappeared

Through Kodi GUI , playing the video i make some changes , and i see that the changes have been stored
but unfortunately these changes are only for thar video , and not for the rest vudeo library

I have 1.000 movies and you can realize that it is impossible to check one by one.

Is there any solution?
Thanks for your attention

settings, video, dsplayer, manage madvr settings through the gui of kodi - set it to no/off. you don't want exclusive mode, turn that off too.

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