Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-26, 21:09)oldpoem Wrote: I'm not sure what's wrong with subtitles add-on. But with this build subtitle download dialog didn't show up when pressed. Video paused but not crashed I can press back button to go back to video. But can't download subtitles (I'm using Subscene & Opensubtitles)

are you able to reproduce this with all the skins? have you tried confluence?

(2015-08-27, 01:44)Warner306 Wrote: I tested the new build on my test computer and the video settings menu is blinking.

The computer uses an Intel GPU. Again, the screen blinks when the settings menu is accessed during playback.

Will provide a debug log later...

Also, there is a mistake in Scaling Algorithms.

super-xbr cannot double luma and chroma independently, neither can NEDI. If luma doubling is enabled, chroma doubling is enabled by default.

the api to set the settings in madVR don't follows the rules of the trayicon control pannel, so it's very difficult to reproduce to me, anyway i made something with the hope that everything it's synchronized now

for the blinking, are you able to reproduce only on the Video OSD Settings?... what happens with the other pages like backing out to main menu, or just showing the Info panel while playback with the duration etc etc

when the blinking happens it's like a corruption or just like a window that disappear and reappear?

are you able to reproduce with both, madVR presentation dx11(present a frame for every vsync enabled/disabled) and dx9?

can you see if there is any improvement changing the value in madVR rendering windowed mode/ exclusive mode settings "when and how shall the GPU flushed"

you should try to change GPU flush value value when the blink occurs not before playback

are you able to reproduce only with the Intel GPU?

(2015-08-27, 09:21)spiderben25 Wrote: Hi,

You've done an outstanding work with this build (and the builds before), thanks a lot !

I've been testing the new one for a few hours now, and when using the new Internal filters feature, I can't seem to have subtitles enabled automatically.
I've properly registered the LAV filters and XYSubfilter, I've edited their settings (using the Open panel properties option in DSplayer GUI settings) just like they were when using those filters as external ones.
And yet when I open a mkv file with English audio containing English subs, it doesn't enable them. I have to open the menu, and select them manually, and I have to do that for each different video file.

Any clue ?


EDIT: here is my LAVsplitter setting panel, if needed : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015...apture.png

there was some problem related to the internal lav splitter i already fixed this, soon i will post a test build to have a confirmation

(2015-08-27, 15:00)oldpainless Wrote: Great work with DX11 version.

However, if I try to play a file in true fullscreen (with or without MadVR fullscreen exclusive), Kodi crashes and goes to a black screen and I have to reset my machine. Fake fullscreen works.

Also, in the previous version, H.265 content played flawlessly. With the DX11 version the motion is jerky with reported repeated frames (madvr). Going back to the previous Kodi Dsplayer it's fine,

Any thoughts?

win 8.1, GTX 770, latest Madvr.

i don't know about h265 i have not idea at moment on this

i'm able to reproduce the issue with kodi in fullscreen exclusive mode, but my question is, it's really important to have kodi in fullscreen exclusive mode? this will cause only problems because if kodi it's in exclusive mode the madvr's window cannot show up, so for each playstart you should to exit from kodi exclusive mode, change the refresh, then enter in exclusive mode with madvr, this was working with in dx9 i have to check what happens in dx11 but for me have no sense to have kodi in fullscreen exclusive mode if you have no intention to play any video with the internal DVDPlayer

(2015-08-27, 23:02)Wanilton Wrote: Compiled version 16 Kodi with dsplayer and test, the video settings menu is blinking. The computer uses an Intel GPU .

Here debug log



pls don't test or post anything on kodi 16 it's completly untested i was not sure even that was possible to build without error, i have not check all the latest merge

have you experienced the blinking also with kodi 15? if yes can you read my response to Warner306

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