Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-27, 23:39)aracnoz Wrote: [
(2015-08-27, 15:00)oldpainless Wrote: Great work with DX11 version.

However, if I try to play a file in true fullscreen (with or without MadVR fullscreen exclusive), Kodi crashes and goes to a black screen and I have to reset my machine. Fake fullscreen works.

Also, in the previous version, H.265 content played flawlessly. With the DX11 version the motion is jerky with reported repeated frames (madvr). Going back to the previous Kodi Dsplayer it's fine,

Any thoughts?

win 8.1, GTX 770, latest Madvr.

i don't know about h265 i have not idea at moment on this

i'm able to reproduce the issue with kodi in fullscreen exclusive mode, but my question is, it's really important to have kodi in fullscreen exclusive mode? this will cause only problems because if kodi it's in exclusive mode the madvr's window cannot show up, so for each playstart you should to exit from kodi exclusive mode, change the refresh, then enter in exclusive mode with madvr, this was working with in dx9 i have to check what happens in dx11 but for me have no sense to have kodi in fullscreen exclusive mode if you have no intention to play any video with the internal DVDPlayer

Update - I reinstalled the DX11 version, but on install unticked everything apart from the main Kodi install, and it could be just coincedence but H.265 is now playing back fine. Still have to use fake fullscreen, but as you say, you are looking into it.

Great job.
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