Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-30, 20:56)spiderben25 Wrote: Is there any benefit in using tsreader instead of LAV splitter/source when reading .ts files? I have modified the mediasconfig_internal.xml file to open .ts files just like the other ones (= using lavsplitter, lavsource, lavvideo, lavaudio and xysubfilter) and it works just fine.

i will update to use lavfilters also with ts files

(2015-08-31, 22:25)Shodan_xl Wrote: Hi,

I just started the latest dx11 15.1 release and I'm now using the internal filter option instead of using external filters. So far everything runs smoothly and nice, great work!

I have one issue though. When I try to play a DVD .ifo file it will not startup anymore. When checking the logs it is caused by the fact that it cannot find the dvdnavigator. After searching around in the xml config files I noticed that the filtersconfig_internal.xml file does not mention the dvdnavigator, while the filtersconfig.xml does. When checking the mediasconfig_internal.xml there also some other filters listed that are not present in the filtersconfig_internal.xml. I tried to override the filtersconfig_internal.xml by copying it to the userdata folder but it seems it is only able to load it from the installation folder. After I've changed the original version by adding the dvdnavigator I was able to play the .ifo file without issues and dvd menus were working.

To fix this you could add all used filters listed in mediasconfig_internal.xml to the filtersconfig_internal.xml, even if they are not internal. An alternative is that dsplayer looks up the filter in the regular filtersconfig.xml when it cannot find it in the filtersconfig_internal.xml. This would also allow a user to add its own filters using the userdata/dsplayer/filtersconfig.xml even when internal setting is used.


you right, i forgot to add the the others filters used like dvd navigator, anyway it's not possible to override internal rules to avoid any problems of internal configuration

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