Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-08-31, 08:19)spiderben25 Wrote:
(2015-08-30, 23:25)djoole Wrote: Hi there,

Great job with last bug update Aracnoz, everything seems to work fine for now..

Nonetheless, I have an issue with default loaded subtitles (had the issue before the update).

My LAV Splitter is set up to show fre subtitles by default :

But it shows eng subtitles anyway.
I have to manually select french subs.
Those are xxxxx.en|fr.srt files

What is choosing subtitles in the filters chain? LAV Splitter? XYsubfilters? Something in Kodi?

I had the same issue, look a few pages back. aracnoz posted a test built containing a fix to that issue, you should try it and report.

I had seen your issue a few pages ago.
Not the same issue here :
- problem occurred with previous builds (previous DX9 builds)
- I'm on latest build (kodi_100)
- using external filters

Aracnoz do you know where could the problem come from?
It's like something would choose the subtitle instead of LAV Splitter..

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