Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-06, 01:25)a5ian300zx Wrote: Ok I went through the manual setup as posted in the quite and still just get blank screen each time I play a media file and I can't do nothing else unless I reboot the system.

That is with dsplayer enabled.

here is the debug log.

Debug log

Many Thanks

in this debug log there isn't any attempts to open a file, only videoinfoscanner
there should be

10:09:30 T:4344   DEBUG: CGUIWindowVideoBase::OnPlayMedia
10:09:30 T:4344  NOTICE: CDSPlayer::OpenFile - DSPlayer: Opening:
10:09:30 T:4344  NOTICE: CDSPlayer::OpenFileInternal - DSPlayer: Opening:

in the case of opening a file by the webserver

10:12:10 T:6464   DEBUG: webserver: request received for /jsonrpc?Player.Open

but there is nothing in your debug log, if you are sure that this it's the debug.log with all your attemps you should tell me how you are trying to open a file


it's better to enable the debug mode directly from the advancedsettings.xml file placed in your %appdata%/kodi/userdata and not from the GUI


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