Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-06, 14:10)a5ian300zx Wrote: Hi,

here is the new log with manual logging enabled.

i5 Nuc Debug - Blank DSplayer

EDIT: just add dsplayer manually in advance settings advancesettings still the same issue and even tried to fo to the file and pressed C for menu and it says default player dsplayer so tried that and same issue then i tried the dvdplayer and worked fine.

which version of windows are you guys running?

I am on windows 8.1 pro, shall I update to the latest intel drivers from the intel site?

Many Thanks

i don't know what you are doing but in these log there is nothing, there is no one attempts to play a file, sorry it should be very easy to catch the moment of the playstart, you can try to rename your folder in %appdata/Kodi
just to recreate a new and clean one to try at least to provide a complete debug log, i see some error with aesink initialization that has nothing to do with dsplayer

when you said that with the original kodi 15.1 everything it's fine you mean with dx9 version downloaded from www.kodi.tv or the dx11 test version from here http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=218274?

(2015-09-06, 14:18)curael Wrote: Hi guys,

Any one using Next Up add-on with DS player? In Isengard DX11 release I cannot make the script run correctly, it works well with DVDplayer. I think something goes wrong between DS Player or madVR and Kodi when the script is telling to play next or stop playback. Anyways, the author said he'd be happy to help if you wanted to fix this as he's never used DS Player himself so.. I dunno, it's a great add-on, but right now it freezes Kodi when using it. It works up until the point where the next up pop-up ends it's countdown and then plays the next episode(black screen and then freeze).

Here's the link to the add-on thread,

Also, if you'd like any logs please let me know. I have no idea if it's DS Player or the script that fails. It would be really sweet to have it working as it's a really, really nice add-on for when watching series.

For the record, I have tried a plethora of different render settings in madVR to avoid this happening.. Different input for DXVA and/or for Presentation, DX11 presentation on/off, windows/exclusive mode.. Delay playback and so on.. It just doesn't work. Either it crashes when selecting to play instant in the add-on or it crashes when it just lets the count down end itself and tells Kodi to play next. So.. It can work like.. Half the time, in each way, lol.


i just quickly tried some file and no problem here, a full debug log could be useful, anyway i already said many times that i cannot guarantee that kodi dsplayer will work 100% with all the plugin because ì'm alone to do this job and it's impossible to me check the entire list of plugin for each brand new version of kodi or madVR

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