Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-07, 02:09)a5ian300zx Wrote: Ok still have the same issue after clean install and no plug ins loaded.

Oldpoem - the movie file are in a folder the the same name as the file and the meta data using metabrowser. I have tried it in folder with just a mkv or m2ts file and same issue.

I will upload a new log tomorrow when I get some time. I will also test on different device maybe my laptop or desktop but they both have Intel gpu. Laptop is windows 7.

My nuc has hd 5000 gpu but the issues seem to be that it is not even activatibg the dsplayer and directshow filters. Do I need to install any filters manually besides madvr, reclock?

Thanks all for all your help and advice so far.

if you choose internal filters you won't need too. (under settings, video, dsplayer)

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