Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-07, 22:06)Ed76 Wrote: "anyway madVR could not have any improvements in picture quality by selecting kodi real fullscreen, madVR has it's own fullscreen exclusive-mode"

no, not madvr but kodis internal dvd player (i want to use both, madvr and for some other content dvd player)

ok i think that i already found a solution, will be included with the next release of dsplayer, anyway if not strictly required my advice it's always to use kodi in windowed mode because, there are more risks of crashes with all these changes in resolutions, devices etc etc, and also the time to playstart will be alot longer

here the patch Smile

(2015-09-07, 22:35)Warner306 Wrote: I can't understand what is going here. Which link is current? Do users still need to install TsReader Filter, or do they require a special version of DSPlayer?

I merged the latest change from *Roma* just after i had posted the new DSPlayer release, so he has posted a special test version with these new features included

I included in DSPlayer "TSReader Mediaportal File Reader", but not all these rules, i would to include these rules for the internal tsreader but only if they are not in conflict with some current rules

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