Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
I ended up changing to PCM for video smoothness, does reclock upscale the audio to 96Khz or similar?

What i noticed with PCM on standard Kodi is that the audio will often end up more silent than bitstream. Reclock itself has same loudness as bitstream.
Quality wise i haven't noticed any differences but i hope it's the same quality, otherwise everything is working perfect.

The only way i got bitstream working perfectly with no frame drops was running at 59Hz with media speed correction on (Drop/Dupe), this however wasn't error-free either as now 3:2 pulldown got introduced.

I don't know about AMD, but Nvidia is totally unacceptable as it's 1framedrop per 3min.

I hope A/V receivers will get some ReClock feature in the future or Nvidia/AMD will fix their refresh rates like Intel did.
Intel beefing up their iGPUs to be able to run MadVR maxed out would help as well.

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