Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-09, 07:53)Warner306 Wrote: I can't see your A/V receiver in the list of devices, but I can see your TV. Is your A/V receiver connected directly to your computer?

Try ReClock and see if that makes a difference.

In the standard KODI System>Audio settings my A/V receiver never shows up. Only my TV. My signal path is this HTPC -> Receiver -> TV (Arrows = HDMI connections). I might try ReClock but I'll look at my LAV settings more

(2015-09-09, 08:25)steelman1991 Wrote: Might be totally mistaken, but you don't seem to have an audio renderer set-up (ie LAV Audio) - last screen shots only show LAV Splitter and LAV Video. make sure you have LAV Audio downloaded and the boxes ticked to allow passthrough in the LAV Audio configuration screen. Could be its not been set up in the mediasconfig as the audiosplitter - check your mediasconfig for audio settings.

(2015-09-09, 14:10)steelman1991 Wrote: So was it as I suggested that LAV Audio wasn't being used, or what - just interested to hear what the actual issue was?

I haven't resolved the problem, but it definitely seems like it's audio render as I am not able to choose a WASPI device like I can in Kodi's system settings > Audio Settings. I'll check my mediaconfig when I get home tonight. Its just weird that I did nothing for the stand alonf LAV Audio decoder with MPC-HC and that set up works just fine.

(2015-09-09, 14:26)aracnoz Wrote: @Talguy

you should provide a full debug log because as already said by @steelman1991 seems that there isn't any audio renderer and the audio decoder added to your graph

this happens also using external filters with mediarules and filterconfig?

if you already solved your problem please share with us your experience

I will provide a debug file tonight when I get home. I completely forgot to last night. I'll also provide the XML config files for everyone's use in helping me resolve this problem.

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