Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-10, 04:06)Talguy Wrote: @oldpoem I just did that and I got the same result.

I made sure to uncheck the following options
- Settings >Videos>DSPlayer>User in fullscreen (Exclusive mode)
- Settings>System>Video output>Us Fullscreen window
- System Tray>Madvr>rendering>general settings>enable automatic fullscreen exclusive mode

I believe - Settings>System>Video output>Use Fullscreen window has to be checked when using DSPlayer. If not checked many problem will arised, the only situation you would unchecked this is that you want to use internal DVDPlayer.

If it still not solved I suggest you looking into EDID override method. Because your HDMI handskaing information changed so it lost detected supported fornat data.

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