Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
(2015-09-12, 13:27)oldpoem Wrote: For me xysubfilter didn't cut it, some files with vobsub/pgs subtitles won't show while it works fine with xyvsfilter. Also xysubfilter impact performance so much while I used SVP. So I still don't know what is real advantage of Xysubfilter, I can't see any noticeable better improvement over xyvsfilter though.

i don't know much about xysubfilter/xyvsfilter, anyway the most important thing it's that with xyvsfilter the sub are printed directly on the picture as a post processing filter

with xyvsfilter and a movie in SD the subs are rendered with a SD resolution and then stretched into a fullhd/4k television togheter with the picture, you will have always the sub rendered in SD

instead with xysubfilter the sub are rendered with a custom interface ISubRenderConsumer that it's able to render the subtitle at full native resoution so directly in fullhd or 4k even if the movie has a SD resolution

so when you set xyvsfilter to show the subs on the black bar it's like you are adding a black bar at the picture just to show there the subs

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