Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Hi, little question about correct colour space output settings.

my TV is a sony 4k, using an nvidia gtx960, connected via HDMI directly to TV.

Nvidia settings say only limited range, cant even change to full, ok.

when using the regular dx11 version i also see in test screen all circles, so limited in kodi is fine when using regular version,
also on live tv the black bars are real black, looking all good.

now when using the dsplayer version all screen is "brighter" when setting to limited range, also cant see black circles on test screen anymore ...
when i change to 0-255 screen looks better but also not all circles are visible in test screen.

as dsplayer uses its own renderer i thought dont bother with it ... but now when i turn on same live tv picture my black bars aint real black anymore, also looking
almost like clouding, like by far to bright ... i also setted my display to 16-235 in madVR, also in LAV to 16-235, no difference at all ...

may any suggestions what todo to get correct color space with limited output in this case ?

also using mediaportal as tvbackend, installed all latest test files (exe, tsreader.ax, updated xml files, updated dll on server),
when i put this in my advancedxml "<useuncpathsforlivetv>true</useuncpathsforlivetv>" i always get dsplayer cant open channel,
when i remove this line tv works ... just likes to crash on channel switches sometimes but its a test Wink

thanks ahead.

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