Kodi DSPlayer – DirectShow Player for Windows
Thanks Warner306 for your reminder about posting a log.

For my problem, I have posted a log here: log
My filtersconfig and mediasconfig is here: filtersconfig - mediasconfig

The problem is that Kodi freezes once I move within a movie using the seek bar. The video keeps playing, but kodi becomes unresponsive. The problem is totally reproducible with every video.
System: win 10 64 bits

The problem disapears, when I turn off dsplayer, so it is for sure dsplayer-realted. I had a similar problem in a previous version and I could bypass it by turning off madshi's renderer (going back to EVR), but with the most current version the option to change the renderer is greyed out.

Btw, I haven't figured out what the .pdb-file is needed for and I cannot find out where I can find the log from madVR - if someone could give me a hint where to find this info, that would be cool.


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